Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 1 of Cleanse

I had many criticisms yesterday. It was probably the hardest day to start. I had a friends birthday and a house warming. It's funny that everyone assumes that you are doing a cleanse for weight loss. I am certainly not on a diet. When did the words cleanse or detox become code word for diet?

The other thing that people don't understand in general (not just because I'm on a cleanse) is not drinking alcohol. They think that just because you are drinking that you can't have a good time. I think it is so rude of people to encourage someone who has decided to give up drinking to drink. Why is society like this? Why is drinking such a big part of our social lives?

The reason I am on this 8 week cleanse is to gut garden. Basically, I am killing off all the bad bacteria by starving it of sugars/carbohydrates and encouraging the growth of the good ones. To help kill the baddies, I am taking a few herbs; wormwood and dandelion. I have done this cleanse before, last year about the same time. You do feel so clean and amazing after the 8 weeks. Your skin glows and your digestion is perfect. It is all worth it in the end. You do lose some weight but only because you aren't eating carbohydrates/sugar or drinking alcohol.

One of my friends tried to argue that you don't need to do cleanses if you just eat healthy all the time but I believe that every now and then it is important to cleanse your body of bad bacteria. Food as we know it today isn't what it used to be. Every once in awhile we need to cleanse our body's of all the chemicals residues and baddies. After the cleanse you most definitely feel and see the results.

Going out for meals is the hardest thing. I feel like such a fussy eater when I order eggs with no toast or a salad but with just lemon juice and olive oil as the dressing. I always cook during the week but weekends I love to eat out. Next weekend I plan to cooking lots of beautiful fresh things that I can eat and inviting my friends over for dinner.

I am super excited that my friend Zanita will now be joining me on the cleanse. : )

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