Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful sunny day 8...

Last night we went to Hugh's pop up restaurant. Hugh is the farmer who grows and harvests then cooks the food in a cafe in Chippendale Thursday- Saturday. Last night we had a mixture of things.
First was a salad of fennel, seaweed, and radishes, next was fish, then was chicken from a bio dynamic farm in Windsor. This was the most amazing moist chicken I have ever had. It was cooked with thyme and served with a salad of radicchio and green beans. I have a confession though. I had dessert. I couldn't turn it down as I didn't want to seem rude. The thing is a Hugh's is that you don't order he just brings you all the fabulous, fresh and organic things from his farm. For dessert we had half a fig on a bed of ricotta. It was a tiny portion and although I feel as if I have cheated and broken the diet, on the scheme of things it wasn't that bad.

So today, I got over my guilt and went to the beach at Neilson's park. We had a breakfast of eggs and salmon. We came home for a lunch of roast eye fillet cooked in chilli, ginger and garlic with a fennel, cabbage and parsley salad. The salad is super easy to make. I used my usually dressing of lemon juice, E.V.O.O, salt and wholegrain mustard and just shredded the vegetables (whole red cabbage, fennel bulb and bunch of parsley). I seared the meat on both sides then cooked at 100 degrees for 45 mins.

I feel that it is necessary to refocus the purpose of the cleanse. After reading over my entries I can see that perhaps this cleanse isn't your typical health cleanse and there may be some confusion as to the purpose. Most cleanses/detoxes will cut out meat and emphasis lots of fruit and vegetable. The cleanse I am on is an anti fungal cleanse. The point is to starve these fungi. All the bacteria in one's GIT lives off all sugars, alcohol, carbohydrates (which then turns to glucose)etc. So with the addition of no sulphate containing foods such as deli meats, and no diary you are very restricted in terms of what you can eat. You could say that my diet isn't that healthy, that I am eating huge amounts of eggs, coconuts, pasture feed red meat and well to put it simply fat. Yes I am as they are good sources of calories and nutrients. If I weren't eating these kinds of foods I would find it very difficult to meet my daily intake requirements (especially as I am training). There is a big myth out there about fats making you fat. I eat eggs (with the yolk), fat of pork chops, coconuts and lots of butter and I don't get body fat or have a cholesterol problem. Perhaps this kind of diet isn't for everyone but as someone who lives a active lifestyle and eats a balanced diet of everything (not just so called "good fats") it works for me. By consuming this much cholesterol and saturated fats my body has enough to make healthy new cells from it. Cholesterol is the bi layer in all our cells plus these kinds of fats are so important for the production of our reproductive and sex hormones. I am eating lots of vegetables as well but watching my intake of high carbohydrate/high GI ones and a few berries, green apples and lemon/limes. So by doing all of this plus taking herbs I am killing of all the bad bacteria in my GIT. This kind of carbohydrate restriction is not healthy long term but eliminating processed sugars is. We need grains, legumes and vegetables not only for their nutrients but for fibre. Fibre helps to clean out the GIT and is a good living ground for good bacteria.

From next Saturday onward I will begin reinoculating. So I will add diary back into my diet but in the raw unpasteurised form. Drinking raw milk is a great source of good bacteria and pure fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) but isn't for everyone so be careful. It is illegal to sell unpasteurised diary in Australia so if you know a farmer or supplier you can trust that is great. So back to sources of good bacteria...yogurts, soft cheeses, kiffer, cultured butter and lacto-fermented foods. I cant wait until next Saturday I can make yummy liver pates with butter and eat ricotta and yogurts.

To read more on raw/real milk go to

I think you will find my diet a little healthier next week as I will be not eating so many eggs. You should only consume max 12 eggs a week otherwise there is a B12 inhibitor which will block B12 absorption. I'm looking forward to breakfasts of yogurt, nuts and berries.


  1. You cheated you naughty girl! I cheated a little today too, I had 3 mini easter eggs. And soy milk!!! NOOOOO. But i wont drink cows milk it makes me... not regular - and bathing milk is too expensive and inconveniant! So thats my vice. The soy. I'm only drink one cup of every second day so there. I went into the agency yesterday and they said I've lost weight - i feel like i havent even been trying because I've not been hungry at all. I have you to thanks for this Brit xx

    Also - this restaurant sounds amazing! And so close to my house! Where is it? Do you need a special reservation or invite? I would love a double date with you two if Jason is keen, I'm sure he and Evan would get along, Ev is great with people.

    You're looking really great hey zx

  2. how are you going with the dairy?
    I also did that submission for harpers yesterday - now I've got red hair... that wont wash out! I'll give it the weekend, it looks pretty fun.

  3. Jason is also great with people!!! ha ha ok will book us in.

    That's awesome that you have lost weight. Far enough about the milk. Maybe try some yogurt instead. You might not have as much of a problem. Try to stay away from soy though. I know i'm always on about soy but it really is bad.

    We will have to have another on of those girly dinners too. Was lots of fun