Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick fixes

I have come across quite a few scary websites. I'm not mentioning names but the quick fix detox diets that are out there are crazy. Detoxes and diets offering a range of results from weight loss, to boosting immunity, to fertility!
All of these in 10 days, not possible. This to me is scary, as the advice and food they are offering are so far from I consider natural, and healthy. Plus they cost a fortune. For a 10 day detox it costs around $500 to have all your meals delivered plus a delivery fee. For $500 I could feed 4 people organic fruits and vegetables, pasture raise meats and diary, fish....etc breakfast, lunch and dinner. These detox/diets completely eliminate good sources of protein. Is that just ignorance or saving money for them??

The worst part is that people will go on this quick fix for 10 days and then go straight back to eating the way they were prior to he detox. There is no food education and they will just ride the roller coaster of fad diets until someone teaches them how to eat and take care of themselves.

There is no need for these "fad diets". Some of them have been known to cause a lot of harm and of course they don't address the underlying problems. If you are feeling bloated, fatigued or are having skin problems for example there is a chance that there are some serious health problems to be addressed, not just that you have been partying too hard. It could be but wouldn't you want to know for sure and be educated on how to live a more sustainable, happy and healthy life?? Please, please, please if you are thinking of doing a detox do it under the supervision of a good naturopath, such as Anthia from Ovvio. Please don't buy the "packet detoxes" from the pharmacy. They are a waste of time and money. Use your money wisely by buying the best quality whole, fresh, organic foods. It will go a lot further this way and you will get better results in the long term. You will look good as well as feel great and isn't that what we all want....

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