Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eveleigh Markets

Yesterday I went to Eveleigh markets as I do every Saturday. This week I thought I'd better take my camera so everyone can see what a rave about. I bought some great mushrooms from Noel Arrold. He produces 1500 kg a week of mushrooms and grows them all in an old railway tunnel near Mittagong! He has such a wide variety of mushrooms from Shiitake to Swiss browns. They are truely the most beautiful mushrooms I have seen.

I spoke with a lovely lady from "Block 11" Organic fruit and vegetables. Her son Greg is the farmer and it is a family run business. The onions and garlic I bought from her are divine. 

I buy most of my vegetables from the Kurrawong Organic stall ever week. For $30 my trolley was over flowing. Their display is always some what a work of art.

Greenhill Farm has just opened a stall up this week. I have bought their meat elsewhere before. I will let you know How the t-bones I bought are.


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